Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Streets of Cairo

The streets of Cairo are chaotic, noisy, and full of traffic. The craziness of the traffic didn't really scare me because I've been in Riyadh long enough to cope with insane traffic and bad driving. However, there are elements of Cairo traffic that totally surprised me. I saw more pedestrians walking along highways, off sidewalks, and among cars than is probably good for anyone's life. And then there were the animals. . . sheep, goats, camels, donkey carts, and cattle. Never have I seen so much livestock in such an urban area. It was astounding. The three wheeled taxis made me chuckle. And with that description, I present to you my meager pictures, taken through smudged windows and at a good clip, so the picture quality is poor at best. Nonetheless, I have to share because just words cannot convey what the reality was like.

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  1. I love reading these posts about Egypt! It all sounds so amazing, can't wait for more!