Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 2: Brent vs. the camel owner (and where I fail as a wife. . . )

Our guide warned us that the vendors were ruthlessly aggressive and to avoid them at all costs. This was good advice, but not always easy to follow when you have a single-minded toddler. After we had climbed up on the pyramid, we wanted to explore for a few minutes. But Bubba J was determined to pet a camel. He adores animals and loves petting them. He begged to get off the pyramid, so Brent took him down, where Bubba J made a beeline for a camel. Brent went to pay the guy for letting him pet the camel, but only had large bills.

The camel owner said he would exchange the money, but took it and kept insisting on more money. In the end, the guy basically stole money from my husband. My husband was furious and was arguing with the guy when I saw that something was happening. I didn't think my husband was going to get anything out of the guy short of tackling him or calling the police, so I insisted that he and Bubba J take a ride on the camel, just to get something out of the whole transaction. My husband was really angry and didn't want to ride the camel, but did so anyway so that Bubba J and Miss B could get a camel ride. (Neither my husband nor I knew that we would ride camels later, so we thought this might be our only chance. Had we known that we were going to ride camels later, we would have walked away.)

Reluctantly, my husband took his camel ride. Sadly, the whole thing was unpleasant with the exchange and everything. But the pictures looked cool.

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