Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 2: Saqqara: Cluster of Noble Tombs

The pyramids and funerary structures at Saqqara aren't nearly as well-preserved as the Giza Pyramids, but they are still fascinating. Saqqara served as the ancient burial ground (or necropolis) for the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. The ruins of Memphis are located south of Cairo near a town called Mit Rahina.

We visited a cluster of noble tombs. The first tomb we went into was the tomb of Ga-Kmni from the 6th Dynasty which dates around 2340 B.C.

Many of the reliefs and carvings were missing. We saw many carvings of feet. The tomb was above ground and contained a few chambers. Cameras are not allowed inside because of the potential damage caused by flash. The carvings on the walls are really amazing. There was one room with all these colored pictures of fish and bounteous crops.

The next tomb we went inside was deep in the ground, so we had to descend down a steep tunnel. It was interesting to see both tombs. The tombs in the Valley of Kings in Luxor are more magnificent and breathtaking, but more about that later.

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