Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 2: Riding a Camel--another dream fulfilled

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you would know that I have this thing for camels. I have also longed for years to actually ride a camel. Last spring at the Jandriyah festival my boys rode camels, but they weren't letting ladies ride, so I wasn't able to ride with the boys. I was sad, but not exactly surprised. I had hoped that I would get to ride a camel, but didn't plan on it. Imagine my delight when we drove behind the pyramids and then were able to ride some camels.

I was wearing a skirt and had trouble actually getting on the camel. Somehow, when I tried to swing my leg over the camel, my leg got stuck in my skirt. About that same time, the camel thought he was supposed to stand up. Which put me a bit off-balance. However, years of riding horses stood me in good stead. Once I was sure the camel wasn't going anywhere, I freed my foot and got it over the camel.

Miss B was so scared and started trembling with fear. I kept reassuring her and reminding her that she had ridden a horse before. I told her to relax. The guy leading the camel overheard our conversation and we talked about riding horses and camels.

We walked a little bit and then stopped and got some great pictures.

When we turned around to go back, the guide let me actually "drive" the camel. There isn't really that much to it. Camels are glorified pack animals and pretty much follow the leader. Camels follow a lead on the reins and stop when you pull back on the lead. They also move when you kick them on their stomach. They respond to clicking with your tongue.

I don't have the best posture, but I don't usually look that hump-backed. I was leaning forward because the lead was really short.

Anyhow, I am blissfully happy about being able to ride a camel. Another dream fulfilled.

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