Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 2: An International Breakfast

The breakfast buffet at the JW Marriott is truly international in its scope. There was Middle Eastern food with breads, beans, etc. The pastry bar was a sight to behold and I especially enjoyed the chocolate croissants, there were plenty of cereals to satisfy your average American kid. The British traveler would be pleasantly surprised with the boiled eggs, beans, grilled tomatoes, etc. If you are into hearty American breakfasts, look no further than the omelet bar, made to order. Then there was the Asian foods with rice, sushi, and miso soup.

My children are adventurous eaters, which is a very good thing considering our penchant for traveling. They each found something to interest them. My eldest son's food choices were the most eccentric though. Each morning, he enjoyed American pancakes with chocolate and fruit sauce and a healthy helping of . . . sushi.
At least he was happy!


  1. I love his breakfast choice. Makes me smile. And kind of reminds me of a story you once told, also involving chocolate and rice...