Sunday, March 17, 2013

The International Festival

My kids attend a private international school which boasts a wide and diverse student body. Luckily our school embraces that diversity with many events throughout the year. One of our favorite events is the international festival where families from the school make booths highlighting special aspects of their country. It is quite literally a feast both for the eyes and stomachs.

We had loads of fun exploring the booths, eating the food, and learning about Germany, Iraq, Bosnia, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, etc.
 Lebanon has such delicious food. We love their fresh salads. It also has a very ancient culture.

 The young men here are performing a traditional dance from the Philippines. It was very energetic and fun.
 These beautiful ladies hail from Korea. They made some wonderful food and I tried kimchi for the first time.
 The German International School sent a troop of performers over to sing and give us a teaser of a circus they are preparing. The kids were amazing. They walked on these big balls, rode unicycles, and did tricks.
 The Saudis set up a gorgeous desert tent and served traditional Saudi food. I love Saudi food.
 This group of young women come from Palestine and performed a traditional Palestinian dance. They wore the most beautiful dresses and danced with loads of energy.
 Miss B got a henna tattoo in the Saudi tent.
 I got to ride a camel again. We watched the camel and horse go through security which made me giggle. How does a camel or horse pass a screening test? You can't open their trunks!
 My daughter and son rode this pretty horse.
At the American Idol booth, my husband and I dazzled the crowd (ha!) with a country number.

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  1. I am something of a homebody, but your post really made me want to travel. Wonderful pics! :)