Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Egypt: Luxor!

Luxor is a peaceful city on the banks of the Nile. Ruins, ancient buildings, artifacts pop up everywhere. The present mingles peacefully with the past. We stayed in two flats on the west bank at an apartment building owned by a British/Egyptian couple. They operate a business called Flats in Luxor offering budget accommodation within Luxor. The flats are basic, fairly comfortable, and spacious. Our air conditioning wasn't working great, so we were a little hot at night. The apartments had nice kitchens. We ended up fixing our own breakfast, made from food we purchased at the local market. Otherwise, we enjoyed a couple of meals prepared by the on-site chef on the rooftop, and some meals in town.

The flats on the West Bank overlook a banana plantation. The area was beautiful, if a little primitive. We were set a little off a narrow road which bordered a canal. Donkeys, carts, and bicycles were about the most common traffic along this little road.

The West Bank of Luxor is quiet and peaceful. It is not the tourist part of town, with busy restaurants. There are a lot of farmers and people who lead ordinary lives.

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