Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Kids' Life on a Compound

Living on a compound is a pretty sweet set-up for a kid. When my husband and I first toured our compound, we asked some kids who were getting a slurpee at the cafe what they thought about living on the compound and they said, "It's the best place to be. It is so much fun." Why so much fun? Read on to find out.

1) You don't need your parents to set up most play-dates. This is a plus, because parents are busy people. Want to go play with a friend, just go knock on their door and bam! instant play-date without adult interference.

2) You get to swim a lot. The weather is warm enough most of the year for swimming.

3) You get to bike, in-line skate, and scooter as much as you want.

4) You can play soccer, tennis, basketball, and squash any time of day, except the hottest part of the day.

5) You can go to the cafe and get a mint lemonade or ice cream. When you have friends over, you can have lunch at the cafe without parents hovering over you.

6) You can pop over to the store and get a snack or treat.

7) You can play outside and enjoy the park and playground.

8) Don't forget about the awesome parties you can go to!

And for the parents, if your kids are happy, it sure makes a difference in your happiness.

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