Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School

My kids started school on Monday, August 27th, 2012. They attend a private international school in Riyadh.  I have four children in school. I wasn't able to snap a picture of my eldest son, who started 7th grade, because he hightailed it for his advisory classroom as soon as he jumped out of the car. So you only get to see the younger three. 

 I need to get a better picture of my daughter's shoes. They are super cute. And with cute shoes, how can you possibly have a bad first day of school?
 Now that my kids are back in school I'm both happy and sad.

Happy because my house stays cleaner, we have more structure to our day, I don't get burnt out on mothering by lunchtime, I don't have to prepare 3 meals a day (I'm not a sandwich mom.), I get to spend time with my youngest, shopping is a lot easier without 5 kids tagging along, there are a lot of fall activities geared toward women, less time spent cleaning, more time playing on my own stuff. . .

Sad that I have to get up at 5:30 a.m. instead of sleeping in until 9 a.m., I miss playing with my kids, bedtime has to be much more rigid, having the kids around to play with their youngest brother, and HOMEWORK.

What are your pros and cons of having your kids back in school?

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  1. Cons:
    I love sleeping in and so do the kids. They fight waking up all school year long.
    Homework battles.
    Early morning seminary carpool duty.

    Food costs go down because the all day snacking ends.
    I can listen to whatever I want, as loud as I want on the stereo. No eye rolling when I want to crank up mom music or conference talks.
    Welcoming the kids home with something I baked while they were gone and talking about their day.

    I adore my kids, but this year-more than others- I am needing some "me" time and am looking forward to school starting next week.