Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Suffering Through a Saudi Summer

It was really tough being stuck in KSA for the summer. I mean look at how we spent our summer.

 Kids really hate playing with Bubbles. My oldest son thought it was terrible to sit outside and blow bubbles with his siblings.
 And Bubba J just loathes playing with bubbles. He cried the whole time. Can't you tell?
 My kids thought I was being unbearably cruel to make them swim at night. I mean it was only 115 degrees outside. That is WAY too cold to swim. They were miserable taking pictures underwater.
 Playing with beads is a really dull way to the pass the time. My kids were so BORED playing with beads all day.
 It really was tough to win an iPod touch at a mall in Bahrain. Really, really tough.
 Who wants to go down on a slide with three other members of your family? Deadly dull.
 It is really pathetic to get an ice cream cake for your birthday. I mean, how are you going to eat it all? We only like to eat carrots for snacks and dessert. And, T thought it was really hard to celebrate his 11th b-day in Riyadh.
 My daughter just hates going to the indoor playground during the day. She doesn't like to build or play at all.
 No one likes to celebrate their birthday by the Wave Pool--especially not J--who turned 9 at the end of July. It really stinks to have friends join in the fun and eat ice cream cake and cupcakes.
 J and B really disliked going to the amusement park for a birthday and riding on the bumper boats. Can't you tell that they are really sad about playing?
 Miss B turned 6 and thought her ice cream cake was awful. It's written all over her face.
 T and B thought riding on the roller-coaster was a real drag.
 And getting haircuts at the same time, for 4 bucks a pop is terrible.
 Who wants to ride a camel at an amusement park? How annoying?
 Bubba J thought it was annoying too.
 We really hate being 1 minute away from the Wave cafe. The kids really dislike getting ice cream from the cafe.
 And it really stinks going out on a date with your husband to Kingdom Tower and looking at the city from the 99th floor. No one should ever try that.
 J and Bubba J despise playing in the sandbox. I have to force them to go outside.
 My kids really don't like getting ice cream.
 She looks so miserable coming off that slide, doesn't she?
 T was crying right before I snapped this picture. I make my kids swim everyday in the wave pool for two hours. It is really rough to live on a compound with wave pool and water slide--and then there are 4 other pools. We really suffer here.
 My two-year old thinks it is really hard to go on the water slide by himself.
Look at his tortured face as he pops off that slide.

Yeah, it was a really hard summer in Saudi. We really suffered. . . 


  1. I am so sorry! I hope your children will recover.

  2. Ha ha ha. I loved this post. Such cute pictures and your commentary made me laugh :)

  3. nice post :) i loved it also , it make me smile and think about my summer here too :P

  4. Please convey to your children my deepest sympathy for all their suffering!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear this! It does look pretty miserable. Especially that wave pool. I hope I never have to go it! Where is it located so I know to avoid it like the plague?