Thursday, August 23, 2012

Date Night at Kingdom Tower

We decided to go on a double-date with friends to Kingdom Tower Wednesday evening. Kingdom Tower is an very distinctive part of the Riyadh cityscape. The tower houses a very nice mall, a few nice restaurants, a hotel, and several offices.

Because we were going to such a nice restaurant, I wanted to look nice. I pulled this outfit together. Too bad I had to cover it with an abaya.  I think my man looked particularly handsome as well.  (And yes, he's gone "native" and has decided to experiment with facial hair. I like it more than I thought I would.)

We had reservations at Spazio, a nice all-around restaurant with a pretty diverse menu. I had shrimp salad and veal medallions. The food was beautifully presented and well-prepared. My veal was tender and delicious. The sauce, vegetables, and potatoes all perfectly complemented the veal. My husband and I shared a dessert of homemade ice cream: chocolate, peach, vanilla, and strawberry.

The view was beautiful from the 77th floor of the building. Wide windows overlooked Riyadh. I prefer Riyadh at night with the lights, which hides all the dirt, dust, rubble, and trash.

The restaurant was beautiful decorated, but dimly lit. This is the first restaurant I've eaten at in Riyadh which had dim lighting at night, as well as music playing. 

After our leisurely meal, we purchased tickets to walk across the top of the tower on the 99th floor. This is a model of the tower which shows a v-shape cut out of the middle of the tower. We went to the very top of the tower, above the V.

And this is the view of Riyadh that we saw from the 99th floor.

It was pretty amazing. 

We then went down to the mall and enjoyed walking around. My friend and I went to the third floor, which is a ladies-only floor. It was closing, so we just window-shopped. We saw a few women, who were obviously NOT Americans or Europeans, with uncovered hair. There were a lot of fancy dress shops and quite a few lingerie shops. The cafes were decorated in a more feminine style. And the shops had female clerks, as opposed to men. I'll have to go again, when the mall isn't closing.

It was a lovely evening, filled with some new experiences. And best of all, the company was excellent.

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  1. I would totally be lazy if I had to wear an abaya in public. Forget looking good underneath; I'd be in yoga pants and a t-shirt! You look beautiful. Love and hugs to you all!