Thursday, March 29, 2012


Now that we've established that women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, perhaps you wonder how I get around.
That is a very good question. There really isn't a public transport system of buses or trains.
There are five means of transportation for a woman.

1) The husband drives his wife in their family car.
My husband is happy to drive me on the weekends and evenings if needed. However, he isn't always available during the day.
2) Limo service provided through the compound (not applicable to a Saudi woman)
My compound provides a "limo" service with decent drivers. I just book a car when I need to go out. It's pretty simple to use this service.
3) Taxi service, available 24 hours
I've only used a taxi a few times because I don't always trust the drivers. If I need a taxi, I call a couple of drivers who we've used before that are safe and reliable.
4) Shopping buses provided by the compound
Shopping buses from our compound go out twice a day, 6 days a week to various malls around the city. I have a monthly schedule that gives me the times and locations.
5) Personal driver
Some families hire a driver who is on call whenever the family needs him. This isn't really an affordable option for our family, but I know families who do have personal drivers.

So what do you think? Does it sound difficult or bizarre?

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  1. Your blog should be called, "In a Maze of Bizarre." Snicker, snicker.