Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Before moving to Saudi Arabia, I had read on some blogs that some magazines, especially women's magazines, are censored when they enter the country. Sometimes, they cross out images with markers and other times, they rip out offending pages. Until today, this was something I had read about but not experienced.
I recently bought a book from Prevention magazine about walking workouts. The women pictured in the magazine are dressed modestly. So when going through the book a little more thoroughly today, I discovered that a few pages had been RIPPED out. I cannot even begin to imagine what the muttawa found offensive about this particular book. Strange, huh.
Good thing I had my favorite magazines go to my sister in the States!


  1. That is too weird. I wonder what was on those pages. It would be interesting to have a friend in the states get the same book, or find an uncensored copy, and see what was there.

  2. Haha! My mom gets it. Tell me the pages and which issue and I can find out what's on it.