Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bubba J Adjusts

Bubba J tromps along on the sidewalk, holding my hand. He chatters to me happily as we walk. It occurs to me that he has adapted to this new country remarkably well.

2011 was a strange year for our family. We had anticipated our move to KSA for a long time. And yet our way was littered with roadblocks that invevitably brought a great deal of stress to my husband and I. We packed and moved twice last year. We spent an entire month visiting family, while we stressed about finding a short-term lease. My husband traveled a lot during that year.

As we finally managed to move to Saudi Arabia, I wondered how my two-year old would deal with yet another move. But honestly, I think he is doing incredibly well.

He went from sleeping in a crib, to sleeping in a big boy bed. He took to that change like a duck to water. When we arrived at our new home, he took in his surroundings and immediately started playing with his stuff. It was like he realized "finally! we are all together."

He hasn't complained since. What is there for a two-year old to complain about? The weather is nice enough that we go outside everyday, without the encumberances of a coat or boots. He goes swimming frequently. We have three playgrounds we can walk to within 2 minutes. And he sees his daddy every single day.

Yes, life is pretty darn good for a two-year old boy--even living in Saudi Arabia.


  1. Lorenzo would love to ride on that "digger"in the picture of Bubba!

  2. Kids are so resilient, especially when they live in warm, happy homes/families.