Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random thoughts and blog teasers

* So I haven't blogged in a few days--not for lack of experiences. On the contrary, the new experiences have been coming fast and hard. On top of that, I'm still a mom to 5 kids. So when I finish some interesting and fun activity or an interesting but rather less than fun activity, I still have to go home, make dinner, nag my children through their homework, and then get them to bed. Then I have to get myself to bed. . .
*Have I mentioned that we get up at 5:30 a.m. now? I know millions of people get up at 5:30 a.m., and some of them even like it. I had hoped that I had at least one or two years reprieve before we started that part of our lives. But here it is and I'm still adjusting. I am most definitely not a morning person. But sometimes you have no choice. Well, I do. But my choice is have the kids miss the bus if I sleep in. And that really isn't a good option for all concerned.
For my sake, here are some things I need/want to post about in the next few days.
*Picture buying a car in a foreign country. Now imagine what it is like to go to a dealership, where women are practically forbidden from entering the doors, and think of the looks a woman will get for stepping across the halllowed threshold. (FWIW, the looks were priceless!) Then imagine driving to the seediest part of the town (so I wasn't doing the driving, my husband was) and taking at the look at the car the dealer recommended. The car was great, the locale wasn't. More to follow. . .
*I'll take a minute to wax a bit sentimental about the good things an international school offers to kids. Imagine my little T wearing traditional Saudi clothing and doing a sword dance. Awesome!
*More griping about shopping and meaningless pursuit of it. . . And I spend some time asking what Saudi women do. Unfortunately, I don't have good answers.
*A different take on shopping--a least bazaar shopping with Saudi vendors--significantly more interesting than designer clothing shopping for which I have no money or interest.
*My new rep on the compound--let me give you a hint--it has to do with family size. (Oh the shock!)
*Remind me to tell you the brief anecdote about the prayer singer (I am sure there is a name for the position) during Ramadan and his voice going out of control. It may not be funny to any of you, especially if you have never heard a call to prayer, but to someone who is familar with the call to prayer, you'll be rolling.
*I am contemplating Petra for my birthday--well, I really can't GET Petra for my birthday, but I sure would like to visit. Thoughts? If you lived in the Middle East, where would you like to go?
*Not sure where Petra is or what it is?
Not sure how accurate the source is, so take it for what it is worth. . .


  1. Petra was a filming location for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He rode off into the sunset alongside Sean Connery - a scenario I'd love to duplicate.

  2. Petra is amazing, just avoid the peak seasons when it gets too crowded!Stay at the Movenpick :) combine your trip with visit to Dead sea:)

    Woman are not forbidden from car dealers! My Finnish fiend bought a car here, we went around the dealers and she finally decided on a Volvo. She test drove it in DQ. That reminds me I must write a post about it! Nice blog hope you're enjoying Saudi.
    Am I right your compound is Jedawel?

  3. Laylah, thanks for commenting. I know women are not forbidden from going to car dealers, but I did feel out of place there and certainly got some unfriendly looks as I went with my husband. No, I'm not staying at Jedawel. I've heard it is like a ghost town there with only a few villas being occupied.