Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Settling in

Unpacking and setting up a home aren't exactly thrilling. But seven crates of boxes did arrive at our house a few weeks ago, and unpacked, they must be, otherwise living on a daily basis won't be nearly as comfortable. I don't mind living in a minimalist way, but having a few more essential kitchen tools goes a long way toward more efficiency in the kitchen. Having all my scrapbook supplies at hand isn't really necessary to my well-being, but it sure makes life a lot more pleasant. And while the kids are forced to be more creative without a lot of toy options, they tend to fight less when there are few more toys from which to choose.

And having one's home organized is far more pleasant that constantly rummaging in boxes hoping you actually remembered to pack that needed item. Of course, the needed item never seems to surface until the next day, AFTER you've given up!

I completed unpacking all our boxes last week. This week has been all about organization. After a trip to Ikea, I was able to finish setting up all the rooms. I'm thrilled! And our house looks great. I don't have a lot of knick-knacks lying around and so it may look austere to some, but everything feels fine.

My kids were happy to have their rooms more organized--well, maybe not the little ones. I found this little bin train in their room last night while getting them ready for bed!
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