Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching Up

So I've been really lax with posts lately--not for lack of fodder, but I've been so frightfully busy, and my kids are STILL out of school. Miraculously, they start tomorrow. Which reminds me, the story of getting them into school would blow your mind. Seriously. While it doesn't rival the epic story of our journey to actually move to KSA, it certainly has its moments. I am dying to post about it, but I'm already in a bit of a tenuous position with the school and don't dare jeopardize anything.
I apologize for the hodge podge nature of this post. But in the interest of time. . . .
* After all my qualms, I hired a cleaning lady. She started coming this week--three times a week, two hours a day. I have no qualms anymore. NONE! She's really terrific and terribly efficient. But then, she's not dealing with kids and parenting while cleaning. It is amazing how quickly one can complete a task if you are solely focused on it. She likes the kids, especially my youngest. Yesterday, I had her watch the two youngest children (the house was spotless) while I prepared a lesson for church. B took the three oldest children to the store to purchase school supplies. Can you imagine TWO whole hours without any interruption? My lesson preparation went well and I felt great.
*I've tried really hard to stay on top of water-drinking. But alas, I've had a headache for days that I can't quite kick. I don't think it is a dehydration issue anymore. I felt really lousy yesterday afternoon.
*A went to a glamour birthday party yesterday and had a wonderful time. I enjoyed the adult conversation and watch my girl have fun with other girls.
* After the party, B picked us up and we went to the mall for dinner. Had a lot of fun. And I found a digital piano!!!!
Eventually, I would like an acoustic piano. But at this stage in my life, and with our moving frequency, a digital piano (with a full keyboard and weighted keys) fits our needs and our budget. We pick up the piano tomorrow. Can't wait to get it.

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  1. I am SO glad you have a piano and will be using those nimble fingers! I wish I could hear you play again. Keep doing it, send your music all the way across the world to me, and I will listen very hard for it! Love you!!! (Exclamation points!)