Sunday, January 29, 2012


First, I really have to apologize for the lack of pictures. I really need to get back in the habit of bringing my camera everywhere. I tried to get a picture of the mini-bazaar at the compound yesterday, but only had a few minutes and couldn't find my camera. I'm also sorry that I tend to be so long-winded. I love describing things with words (even if I'm not always adept at description). I hope you don't find it too tedious or torturous to wade through my verbosity. If you do and have some good suggestions about cutting the wordage--let me know. I should also say that I tend to just type and then publish. So the words are really off the cuff. If you want a more polished blog at this juncture, maybe you should look elsewhere.

After the kids finished their assessments at the American School (anxiously awaiting an acceptance decision, but more about that later) we caught a taxi home. I had forgotten that the compound had advertised a mini-bazaar on Saturday. So when I saw the vendors near our villa, I realized that I had caught the tail end of the bazaar. Even though my husband had lunch ready for the kids and I, I couldn't resist taking a peak at the bazaar.

So picture several tables set up in along the sidewalk (almost like a craft fair). Some wares are displayed on the ground, while other things (like clothes) are hanging on portable rods. I don't know if the bazaar was larger earlier in the day, but by the time I got there, there were about 7 vendors. Three of the vendors displayed tables full of jewelry. There was some gold jewelry, but a lot of it featured polished stones of various sizes in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I liked what I saw, but I wasn't in the mood for jewelry. Given the state of things in our house, I was on the hunt for practical items.

At the end of the line I found a vendor with pot holders, aprons, and several "touristy items" like ceramic camels and notepads. I bought an apron with a camel on it and a nice-quality pot holder. Both will remind me of Saudi Arabia in the future.

I also found a new abaya. I wanted to have to have abayas because the abayas get so dusty and dirty. The vendor selling the abayas said, "I bring you the latest styles, very nice abayas, very good price". I had to laugh, because I don't consider abayas particularly stylish, but I suppose the Arabic ladies DO consider style when purchasing this item. I bought an abaya with a hood this time. My other abaya comes with a scarf that can be put over my hair if needed. (I will try and get a picture of both so you can see what they look like.)

There was a vendor selling framed daggers and swords. We've seen framed daggers and swords in other homes. They look really cool and I know my husband would love to have one before we leave the Kingdom. But I didn't want to buy the first one I saw and really, he should choose the one he wants. The same vendor also sold beautiful chess sets very similar to the set my BIL bought us from a bazaar in Kuwait when he was deployed.

After looking at the wares, I looked at the last table of beautiful Oriental carpets. The colors and patterns on the rugs are beautiful. The vendor tells me the carpets are handmade out of silk and wool. Hestitantly, I ask the price. $5000 for a small rug. Oh goodness! I can't afford that, but the rugs are SO gorgeous. Maybe someday!

And that's that! I look forward to more bazaar experiences.

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  1. hello dear friend! i have stayed up extra way too late reading all of your posts! so GREAT to hear what you have been up to!!!! i want to say more, but i have to go to bed. hopefully we will chat on the phone soon. by the way, i don't think you'll like tripe--it is the stomach lining of an animal! lots of love, laurel :)