Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Compound Restaurant

We are lucky to have both a cafe and a restaurant just a few feet from our house. Both overlook the wave pool. We enjoyed dinner there yesterday.

Just a quick rundown. Most of the food was good. My fish was a bit dry and overcooked, but the butter sauce was excellent. My dessert, a brownie blast, was a bitter disappointment. B's dinner of chicken curry, fatouch salad, and hummus with arabic bread was delicious. The kids' food was decent. The prices were reasonable and the convenience was fabulous.

I definitely think we will visit the restaurant again, though not too frequently. I'm looking forward to visiting a highly recommended Arabian restaurant in the city and there are plenty of Lebanese restaurants around. I LOVE Lebanese food.

Bubba J ordered the meatballs with mashed potatoes.

A ordered macaroni and cheese. (sigh. . . she was really mad when I told her that I had not brought mac and cheese from the U.S.)

J ordered chicken nuggets with french fries. (I SWEAR I introduce my kids to a wide variety of foods. Perhaps the fact that they rarely get mac & cheese and chicken nuggets informs their choices?)

T ordered pizza with mushrooms.

W and B shared the Fatouch salad, hummous with arabian bread, and chicken curry.

I ordered the fish steak with butter sauce and french fries. I also got the brownie blast for dessert.

Bubba J's meatballs were flavorful and tender (the addition of pork would have made them perfect) served in a delicious tomato sauce. The mashed potatoes were tasty. I didn't try A's mac and cheese but it certainly wasn't from a box. J's chicken nuggets were actually hand-breaded pieces of chicken and looked good. The fries were perfect, crisp and golden on the outside and soft in the middle. T's pizza looked good. B and W's shared meal of the fatouch salad, hummus with bread, and chicken curry was delicious. My fish was a little overdone, but the sauce was wonderful. The fries were perfect and the veggies were tasty. My dessert was a complete failure. The brownie was dry and undersweetened. I don't like overly sweet brownies, but you do need enough sugar to really get the right chocolate flavor.

The service was decent. The staff was helpful. The restaurant was

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  1. MMm, I love reading or hearing about a place's food. I'm so glad you are documenting via this blog :)