Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love and Kindness

(Warning: emotional post that has absolutely nothing to do with Saudi Arabia)

When I saw the news a couple weeks ago about the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut which took the lives of 26 people, most of whom were 6 and 7-year old children, I was horrified and so saddened. I always feel bad when I hear of tragedy, but this event felt more personal to me. Newtown is not far away from our home in New York and the town is in our stake*. And in fact, one of the young victims was a member of our stake. My daughter is six years old and in first grade. My friend works as an ER nurse at the very hospital where victims of the shooting were taken. She has started to write about her experiences here. I have shed a lot of tears over this event.

When we are confronted with tragedies on this scale we rightly ponder how we can prevent future tragedies. Much has been said on a national level about what we can do with laws to change the future. But what can we do on a small scale or on a personal level? I think most of us feel helpless in this light.

I've been pondering this question for some time now. Today I have some ideas I wanted to share. While listening a podcast by Dave Ramsey, he talked about the shooting and shared his thoughts. He said that he believes in the power of displacement--that filling our lives with good and filling the world with good is probably the only way to overcome evil like this in the world.

I liked what he said and I think he is right. I couldn't have prevented this tragedy from occuring, but I do have the power to be better in my own life and to spread goodness and light in my corner of the world. I can and should respond to my children with more love and kindness. I can be kinder in internet discussions. I can be more patient and thoughtful with strangers. So that's my plan--to be better in my life and to consciously spread goodness.

What about you? How has this tragedy affected your life? What do you think you can do in your life to be better and to help spread more goodness and love?

* I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have wards which is our word for congregation, consisting of about 150 to 400 people. In a stake, there are 10 wards. Our stake in New York comprises wards in one area of New York and then many wards in Connecticut. We meet in wards every Sunday and typically have Stake meetings where everyone congregates at least twice a year with less formal events happening around the year.


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  1. Being in the emotional state I am at the end of this extremely emotional pregnancy I can't deal well with thinking of this much, but when I do my resolve is the same as yours, "Let my light shine" in my corner of the world, especially with my family who deserves the very best I can be. Miss and love you all!