Friday, January 4, 2013

Health and Fitness

When we moved to Riyadh, I was excited to have a gym on the compound that offered free access to residents. I planned to exercise and utilize the facilities. Um. . . yeah. . . that worked out SO well. I discovered that I loathe, despise, and abominate treadmills even while listening to my iPod. I like walking, but I have little self-discipline in the area.

Then Celia moved onto our compound from the U.K. She is a trainer and runs a website called 4EvaFitness My friend offers fitness classes and a nutrition program. I finally decided to sign up and started her nutrition program. For a week, I kept a food diary. The second week, I did a 7-day detox where I ate a lot of vegetables and fruit and meat, but eliminated dairy, bread, and sugar. (I don't drink coffee or alcohol so I didn't have to eliminate either of those from my diet, but if you do drink those things, then you abstain for a week.) I thought the seven-day detox was very sensible and intelligent and didn't follow weird or dangerous fads. Then my friend wrote up a detailed summary of my food habits, made suggestions, and developed a plan for me to improve my nutrition. It was a great program and not too terribly difficult to follow.

During that time, I also went to the fitness classes twice a week. Celia made the classes fun and energetic. We do short, intense bursts of exercises. I never get bored in class and am always surprised at how fast they go by. Best of all, I loved the energy I had from going to the classes and the strength I am developing in my body.

I lost several inches in some flabby areas of my body and a few pounds. I wasn't so concerned about the pounds, but was glad about the inches. My jeans are fitting a lot better. I enjoyed a break over the holidays and am now looking forward to getting back into a fitness and nutrition routine. This is a big deal for me, the first I've ever done something like this. I'm just glad I found someone who is so supportive and helpful. Celia makes you feel like you really can change your eating habits. She offers fitness classes that are fun and interesting without judgment. Even though I get short of breath and lack coordination, I never feel stupid or ridiculous. She is encouraging and supportive without being judgmental or critical.

My friend offers the nutrition plan remotely so if you are looking to analyze your nutrition and improve your eating habits, I recommend checking out her website. The nutrition plan is very reasonably priced and offers great value for your money. Best of all, her nutrition plan really works and helps you change your eating habits in a sensible and intelligent way.

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  1. Thank you Tiffany for your comments and recommendation. However, it is you who deserves the thanks as your committment and dedication have helped you achieve your weight loss. You look fantastic and I look forward to continuing to help you achieve your dream body!! Celia x