Sunday, January 6, 2013

Egypt Day 4: Shopping

I'm sure our guide had some kind of commission thing set up with a few shops because she took us to several shops during our tours. Our first day of touring, we went to a cotton shop where I bought t-shirts for the kids, a nice pink shirt for myself and a nice shirt for my husband.

We also bought Egyptian papyrus paintings.

On the second day of our tour, our guide took us a to perfume/essential oil shop and a jewelry shop. At the jewelry shop, we bought some car-touche necklaces for three of the kids with their names engraved in hieroglyphs. I bought a beautiful earring and necklace set made with lovely red stones.

 At the perfume shop, the manager demonstrated several different essential oil and perfumes they make. They don't put any alcohol in the perfumes and oils so I was actually able to smell and try them without becoming sick or nauseous. We tried some ancient perfumes that were amazing. I ended up buying a few essential oils that smell wonderful. My kids were each given a bottle of orange blossom essential oil which smells divine.

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