Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Truck Stop Outside of Riyadh

The truck stops outside of Riyadh crack me up. They serve almost as a strip mall out in the desert. You would be surprised at what you will find at a truck stop.

Normal things you would expect to find at a truck stop, which you will find at a truck stop in Saudi Arabia:

1. a gas station
2. convenience store
3. restaurant

Things you would NOT expect to find at a truck stop, but which are common at truck stops in Saudi Arabia:

1. A mosque
Truthfully it isn't surprising that mosques are found at truck stops. As Muslims pray 5 times a day, this gives devout Muslims a nice place to pray during a road trip. The mosques aren't always grand like they are inside Riyadh.

2. A dry cleaner
Saudi men wear white thobes, white fitted robes, as their normal attire. (Yes, western clothing is normal as well.) With the sand and dirt, I suspect the only way to keep those thobes crisp and white is through a dry cleaner.

3. A wal-mart type store which has everything--and I mean EVERYTHING.
My husband ran into such a store to get some things and I had a good time chuckling over the items I saw available at this truck stop including mattresses, bedding, strange metal lockers, pots, pans, brooms, etc. It's perfect if you are going camping and forgot something.

4. Beggars
I think I saw beggars at this same shop. Four black-garbed women walked to the entrance and sat down. I assume they were beggars, because several customers came through the doors and handed them money.


  1. I love your ability to notice these everyday things and capture them in words. I need to get my own Saudi blog going again, as I've been neglecting it for awhile. :)

  2. I often wonder what it would be like to spend time in a completely different country and culture... I like having a little peek into that world through your blog! :-)

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