Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sickness and Normalcy

My daughter is sick with a headache and fever. She is rather limp and weak from the fever. And so we are home. I'm tackling the terrifying aftermath of the weekend. And despite, having a sick kid at home today, things are pretty normal.

Actually, when you have five kids, with four of them attending school, it is pretty normal to have at least one at home sick with something.

So while I pick up toys, sweep floors, restore order to the chaos, and tend my sick daughter, I think about how having my family with me has made living in Riyadh immeasurably better.

1) Having a family brings routine and structure to my life. Getting four kids on the bus is kind of a rush (maybe not always a good one, but a rush nonetheless) which kick starts my day. If I didn't have kids, it would be harder to drag myself out of the bed and get moving.

2) Wherever I live, I still have to take care of my family. Sometimes the location makes it easier. And other times, it is a bit more challenging. Living on a compound with so many amenities actually makes my job easier as a mom.

3) My family gives me meaning and purpose. I'm not bored here because I still have meaning and purpose to my life. My identity is still the same whether I'm in New York or in Riyadh.

4) My kids make it easier for me to go out. When we go out to malls or to other places in Riyadh, I always get positive reactions from Saudis and tend to interact more with the local population because of the kids.

5) I find it easier to make friends because of the kids. If nothing else, I get to talk to other adults because our kids play together.

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  1. Yes, I agree with all of your points. Good thoughts.