Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spreading Some Love

When I lived in Sweden, I didn't have Facebook. I was leery and resistant to try it. I ended up getting an account after realizing that I would most likely have more contact with my sisters and relatives, and friends, through FB than without it. Apparently, I'm too verbose. Pithy FB status updates seems to work better for most people than reading my lengthy emails and posts.

I love having FB while living in KSA because I have a connection of friends throughout the world to share funny stories, cute pictures, food pictures, political rants, or funny links. FB has also become a place to share griefs and sorrows.

At this time, among my FB friends, one has lost her beloved husband of 7 years, another was recently diagnosed with cancer, one mourns the loss of her brother-in-law who died a year ago, while yet another grieves the loss of her mother, one relative is in remission from cancer and is grateful that she is alive, yet another worries about moving back to the U.S. and hopes that her future will be okay. There are many more stories that I could share.

As these people have generously shared these deeply personal experiences without whining, I've been moved by their challenges. I'm humbled by what they face and how they are facing their challenges. Sadly, I'm so far away that I can't offer much beyond verbal support.

So here's what I plan to do, as I think of my friends going through hard times. First, I'm going to remember to be more appreciative and loving toward my husband. Second, I'm going to soften my tone and words with my children, remembering that they are learning and failure is inevitable--and ok. And third, I'll be writing little notes to friends sharing my gratitude for them. I don't have the time to write each friend, but if your name shows up in my feed, I'll be sending you something.

I challenge you to think of some simple ways you can spread some love in the lives of your family and friends.


  1. Where's the like button for blogs? This whole commenting thing is just too difficult and lengthy... :)

  2. Great ideas to pay it forward -- and to help those in need. I should probably send more notes even though I live right by many people that I am or should be close to.