Monday, April 30, 2012

Science and Technology Exhibition

Feast or famine, baby! It seems as if I go days without anything happening and then boom! I'm swamped. Yesterday was such a day. I had a bunch of events yesterday that piled up on each other. I was completely exhausted by the end of the night.

My husband is a scientist doing some energy research. There was a big Science and Technology Exhibition featuring not only his work, but the work of other (all male) scientists in the area. Most fields of science and technology were represented.

We took the kids there knowing it would be a fun afternoon, and it was. T and B loved the planetarium. W was enchanted by the robotics exhibit. He's taking a robotics class at school and really enjoys it.

I was impressed with how the scientists took time to try and explain to me, often in slow, halting English, their experiments and work. English is a hard language to learn, but to throw technical and scientific jargon into the mix makes for a real challenge.

We enjoyed the unfailingly kind reception we received from the scientists. Saudis really do love children and always interact with my kids. They treated me with dignity and politeness. There weren't many women at the exhibit, but a lot of kids.

It's always fun to wander around exhibits like this because they usually offer fun little toys. This exhibition was no exception, except the quality of the toys and gadgets was much higher. But, they do have money to spend.

Toward the end of our stay, a film crew was filming the exhibition when they spied my Bubba J--two-year old boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. When the crew saw him, they followed him for about 5 minutes and filmed him, and then later my husband and I. I don't know if we ended up on the news as we don't get television at our house. But it was fun to watch the crew enjoy Bubba J.

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  1. Does their news channels have websites like most American stations? You might be able to see a clip online. How very cool!