Friday, May 31, 2013

Packing and Moving

I find it a great irony in my life that our lives are pretty mobile and yet I really stink at packing. In fact, I despise packing. What tends to happen is that I panic about the amount of stuff we have accumulated and I dream of chucking it all in the bin and live out of a backpack. Which is neither practical or really fun. Ok, maybe it is sort of practical.

Here are some things I've learned about packing.

1) Stuff is just stuff. You can chuck most stuff in the bin and never even miss it. In fact, I think that stuff just weighs us down. We don't need as much as we accumulate. It is easier to keep things clean and organized without so much stuff.

2) I tend to WAY over-buy clothes. My kids have more clothes than they could ever wear. I need to curb this tendency to buy so many clothes. Also, my children have grown a lot this year. I'm trying to hold out on buying new clothes for a couple more months. Unfortunately, my oldest son looks like he wearing capris (or manpries?) when he puts on his pants. He'll live and so will I.

3) Making memories and spending time with friends is more important than sorting through everything. We're making sure to get our goodbyes in.

4) My house is a disaster and I'm learning to accept it and let go. I can't do everything I need to and keep it all clean. I'm very grateful for my helper who cleans three times a week.

5) Moving is stressful no matter how much you prepare for it.

How do you feel about packing and moving? 

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